7" single, 2007
Sold out
Artwork by Karin Cyrén

1. Friday Night at the Drive-in Bingo
2. Radio NRJ

June 19th, 2007:

"I have a new single on its way. It's called 'Friday Night at the Drive-in Bingo' and it sounds a lot like its title. Like the blood red sun in the horizon. Like the best slash worst slash best again night of your life. Like a pair of jeans you love but would never wear in public. Like a coverband playing Walk of Life in someones backyard. Like the point where sheer boredom pushes you into the great unknown. Like the country when the country wasn't cool. Like the peanuts in your coke. It's one of my finest popsongs ever in my opinion, but quite different from the other songs on my forthcoming record. Love it or hate it, regardless you're still welcome to drop by for a glass of applecider."

July 20th, 2013: (about the b-side, Radio NRJ)

"Commercial radio wasn't allowed in Sweden until 1993. Up until then it was just public service radio, taxfunded, playing quality music, quality news and quality documentaries about the life cycles of bumblebees or what have you. It was great, we just didn't know it because we didn't have commercial radio to compare with.

But when commercial radio broke through here, and I'm speaking specifically about the french station Radio NRJ, it had a headstart. Because at the time they didn't play what young people should listen to, they played what young people wanted to listen to. EUROTECHNO. I was becoming a teenager and this became the soundtrack to those strange years of my life.

Let's pause here for a quick reflection on how we wish our lives to be reflected and accompanied by our sophisticated taste but in the end we lose our virginities to Blink 182 or find out a loved one has passed away just after we've finished a Big Mac. And I guess that is a good definition of the difference between so called 'fine culture' and pop culture. Fine culture reflects who we want to be. Pop culture reflects who we actually are.

Anyway, I found a tape some years ago from this time, from the time when I used to come home from school and turn on Radio NRJ and sit there with my finger on the recording button to get all the best tunes. I played the tape and it opened a door to my youth. I glanced in and wrote a song about what I saw.

The song 'Radio NRJ' was the B-side to Friday Night At The Drive-In Bingo which is sold out since long ago. And with that in mind I thought it'd be nice to give this to you as a free download.

PS. Yes I know I can't pronounce th-sounds, you don't have to point that out."