Digital, 2019

After my collaboration with Tomas Hempel on my perfume "That Perfume That You Wore" where he interpreted my song as a perfume, I was invited to do the reverse - interpret a new perfume entitled 'Mistpouffer' by his project Den Stora Skuggan, as a song. The result became 'I Want To Be Invaded'.

I wore the perfume for a week during a writing retreat in an old house in the country where I mostly did gardening work instead of writing. I moped around and felt lonely. I started thinking about letting someone into my life again and I thought about what that meant. I looked at the garden, at my feeble attempts at keeping weeds and moles out. I thought about control and I thought about wanting to let go of it.

The song itself, as I started composing it, seemed to want to unravel itself like a dried jasmine flower in a cup of hot water. It became like a mixtape consisting of just one song.

Listen here

Art from video by Studio Kleiner