Kalendervägen 113.D
Bonus CD, 2007
Sold out, download here
Photos by Thobias Fäldt

"I'm slowly moving out of my old apartment to be homeless for a few months, and for the bonus cd I recorded a handful of songs as a last concert for these old brick walls. This is the cd you get if you've pre-ordered the album. It's called Kalendervägen 113.D and it has two unreleased songs on it "The Rain Has Got To Fall" and "Our Last Swim In The Ocean" as well as a couple of songs from Night Falls... and a Paul Simon song from Graceland I thought was suitable. It's me, a guitar and a loop pedal, nothing else.  For those of you who prefer it more au naturale."

Kalendervägen 113.D was a companion CD given away with early orders of Night Falls Over Kortedala