EP's and singles

Sept 3, 2012 : I Know What Love Isn't (7" single)

1. I Know What Love Isn't
2. That's The Way Love Is (Ten City cover)

June 20, 2012 : Erica America
Digital single

Sept 19 2011 : An Argument With Myself EP

1. An Argument With Myself
2. Waiting for Kirsten
3. A Promise
4. New Directions
5. So This Guy At My Office

August 20th 2007

Four Songs By Arthur Russell
On Rough Trade

1. Vera November - Our Last Night Together
2. Jens Lekman - A Little Lost
3. Taken By Trees - Make 1, 2
4. Joel Gibb - That's Us / Wild Combination

july 2007:

Friday Night at the Drive-in Bingo

(800 copies)
on Service (vinyl 7") and digital here and there

A: Friday Night At The Drive-in Bingo
B: Radio NRJ

October 2005 : Tour EP (200 copies - sold out) All copies have a photonegative glued to the front. If you have one, go ahead and develop the picture.

Four songs, 1. Run Away With Me (previously unreleased christmas single) 2. How Much You Mean To Me 3. Me On the Beach (Nagisa Ni Te cover) 4. Jag Tyckte Hon Sa Lönnlöv (Swedish version of Mapleleaves)

May 2005 : You Deserve Someone Better Than A Bum Like Me (100 copies - sold out)
Australian Tour EP. All copies have a small coin glued to a piece of old paper. Most coins are 50 öre which is about 10 cents in Aussie Dollars. Except the previously released "I don't know if she's worth 900 kr" it also features "the One Dollar Thought" , an old italian lovesong - "La Strada Nel Bosco" and classic "Tammy" whispered by me and El Perro Del Mar.

january 2005: the Opposite of Hallelujah EP (500 copies)
on Thievery (vinyl 7") and Evil Evil with one extra track (CD).

1. The Opposite Of Hallelujah
2. No Time For Breaking Up (CD only)
3. I Don't Wanna Die Alone
4. Love Is Still a Mystery


aug 17 ,2004: You are the Light CD-EP
on secretly canadian. me in a shiny armour on the cover. practically the same as the Julie-EP.


may 29th, 2004: I killed a party again CD-R EP (100 copies. sold out.)
drunken sad teenage confessions, words of wisdom. all caught on my little dictaphone when i was 15. plus a couple of songs on these topics. only for sale at shows.


april 2004: Rocky Dennis CD-EP
the secretly canadian edition. different artwork. one extra song.


2004: Maple Leaves CD-EP
on secretly canadian records. different artwork. one song less.

july 28th, 2004: Julie CD EP (2000 copies)
a very summery five track EP. the cherry trees are still in blossom!!

2004: Rocky Dennis in heaven CD-EP (2000 copies. sold out.)
on service. a goodbye to the alias i became known by but never chose.

oct 2003: Maple Leaves CD-EP
released on service records. peaked at # 11 on the swedish charts. the cellphone signal wasn't very good.

no picture

2003: VHS-EP (10 copies. sold out.)
contained `when i said i wanted to be your dog´ `julie´ and `skyphenomenon´ with super 8 and VHS-videos by me and my friend Lisa.

2003: 7" vinyl EP. (first edition =120 copies, second =130. sold out.)
contained tram #7 to heaven, mapleleaves, black cab , at the dept. of forgotten songs. the first edition had white labels with handwritten titels and the handprinted sleeves came in black/silver and red/orange. the second edition had red photo copied labels and the sleeves were black/silver. the second edition also came with a real maple leaf. when i picked the leaves the cops came and told me to go home, they said someone had called in complaining.

2000: the insect-EP (20 copies. sold out.)
four instrumental songs. each copy had a bug attached to the sleeve with stearine.