August 31st, 2006

Sometimes I get stuck in the recording and writing but instead of cutting my wrists I open the window, bring out my records and put together little mixes for my friends. This one is a mix of some of my favourite songs from this summer and previous ones, some are cut up and put together into new songs, new remixes or whatever. They form a perfect response to the death of this summer.

But I'm a Prisoner of This Moment (short sample)   ///    TTA - Silly Crimes   ///   Arthur Russell - Lucky Cloud   ///   Mahlathini & Mahotella Queens - Kazet   ///  One , Two , Three...   ///   Ennio Morricone - Mon Nom Est Personne   ///   Simmar vi , Svävar vi , Älskar vi   ///   Most Valuable Players - AC in HCMC   ///   America - Ventura Highway   ///   Julien Jabre - Swimming places   ///   Action Biker - Farrah