Presents For You


2007 : Night Falls Over Kortedala

2007: Kalendervägen 113.D

2005 : Oh You're So Silent Jens 2004 : When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog

1. The Opposite Of Hallelujah
2. Sipping On The Sweet Nectar (video by Marcus Söderlund)


1. Kalendervägen 113.D
A limited Night Falls Over Kortedala Companion, a last concert for Kortedala Beauty Center, before I moved out of there. And yes, I do know that "I Got Loaded" was written by Little Bob & the Lollipops, not Los Lobos.

1. A Sweet Summersnight On Hammer Hill
2. A Sweet Summersnight On Hammer Hill (original bootleg recording by Patrik Lindgren - not on the album)

1. You Are The Light
2. You Are The Light (video by Magnus Renfors)
Tour EP's --->

  October 2005 : USA Tour EP May 2005 : You Deserve Someone Better Than A Bum Like Me - Australian Tour EP  may 29th, 2004: I killed a party again CD-R EP

 1. Run away with me
2. How much you mean to me
3. Me on the beach
4. Jag tyckte hon sa Lönnlöv


1. I don't know if she's worth 900 kr
2. the One dollar thought
3. La strada nel bosco
4. Tammy

1. REC
2. Kill a Party / Ressurect it
3. Hultsfred 98'
4. Firecracker
5. Someone to share my life with