March 12th, 2014


I told you this year was going to be a year of very random shows.

July 18th - 20th I will be playing a solo show at the Howlin Fling Festival on the tiny tiny tiny isle of Eigg in the Hebrides. Population: 83. If you have a ticket, good for you. If you don't then try your luck here. The tickets all sold out before the line-up was announced.

Also playing: Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip. Beth Orton. Luke Abbott. Many more. Check this interview for more info right now. And Lost Map Records website will soon have more updates.

I'm also going to DJ and I'm bringing my old DJ partner Henning Fürst with me.

February 25th, 2014


The local magazine Faktum, which is a magazine the homeless here in Gothenburg get to sell exclusively to earn a little bit of money, asked me last year if I wanted to be part of an interesting record. The idea was that the sellers made a list of their favourite songs and then a bunch of local artists picked a song each to cover. I got the list and I felt I could either go for a very very safe choice, like some old Bruce Springsteen song, or I could go for something more challenging, like Peter Lundblad’s ‘Ta Mig Till Havet’.

Now if you’re not swedish, I'm not sure how to explain this song to you. In it’s original 80’s production it reminds me of a time when Gothenburg smelled of day-old crustaceans and langos and was the uncoolest place in the world. It reminds me of the crayfish parties in August when someone brought out an accordion they were too drunk to play. But behind all this, if we’re being honest here, there is a melody, very sweet and sad, almost like a hymn. And that’s exactly what I thought - if you strip this down to its melody and play it like a hymn on an old organ with the exact amount of dust in it. And if you sing it without any hint of irony, as honest and from the heart as possible. Then it might just work.

If you want to hear it, go buy the CD from any Faktum seller around town. You’ll not just get a CD but you’ll also help a homeless person in a very direct way.

February 6th, 2014



33. What a beautiful number.

February 2nd, 2014


Here we go! The big kranskommun tour of 2014!

No tickets sold, just show up in time (all shows start at 19:00). A hat will be passed around afterwards for donations.

April 29 - Uddevalla - Kajkanten, Bohusläns Museum
April 30 - Alingsås - Nolbygårds Ekobageri
May 1 - Trollhättan - Mejeriet
May 2 - Vänersborg - Café Mic

January 21st, 2014


Since I'm writing and recording currently, you can expect a period of very random shows. Shows that are either in places I rarely visit or shows that are built on a different idea than the usual show.

First off, I have two shows in Malmö and Lund, march 5th and 6th at 'Oslipat Tolkar', which is an event where six comedians get to pick one song each from my catalogue and build a story or interpret it freely from a comedy viewpoint. After each comedian I perform the song they've chosen.

MALMÖ march 5th
Ola Söderholm
Kalle Lind
Johannes Finnlaugsson
Matilda Berggren
Felicia Jackson
Lina Linderberth

LUND march 6th
Ola Söderholm
Matilda Berggren
Felicia Jackson
Erik Börén
Niklas Andersson
Lina Linderberth

January 12th, 2014


Happy new year!

I'm doing two shows in Istanbul, Turkey on february 14th and 15th. I haven't received the info yet, the name of the venue or where to get tickets but I thought I'd tell you anyway. They're small solo shows, just me, no band. The tickets are released tomorrow, monday, somewhere. Trawl the internet. Call your friend, that guy who knows everything, call your local psychic, open your window and shout "where do I get tickets to the Jens Lekman show?". As soon as I get the info I'll let you know.

I'm terribly excited to see my turkish friends again. It's been way too long.

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