December 24th, 2009


January 18th, 2009
Melbourne, VIC
Curtin House, Rooftop Cinema
252 Swanston St
Jens Lekman + more
Early show (doors 6:30)




December 16th, 2009


tenderfist family
Viktor and me in the Tenderfist home, Kuala Lumpur. With Auntie Saadiah, Dylan the cat, Faiq, Edzwan and Nazri.

2009 in songs

Tenderfist - The Beginning
Sonny and the Sunsets - Too Young to Burn
Pascals - Nohara
Dick Diver - Walk For Room
Bangs - Take U To Da Movies
the Crayon Fields - All the Pleasures of the World
Sheahan Drive - Somewhere
Recent Memory - I'll Be Outside
Fatti Frances - What You Already Know




December 10th, 2009


December 13th, 2009
Melbourne, VIC
A tiny house in Abbotsford
St Lucia Celebration
Jens Lekman + more
Dresscode: white

On Saturday I will send out a newsletter with more details, the first 10 to reply to this will get theirs and a friends name on the list.

Painting by Domenico di Pace Beccafumi





December 1st, 2009

As if things weren't good already...

Chicago bonus: Air France DJ-set. All three nights.
Merry Xmas.


October 30th, 2009




October 29th, 2009


New years eve is sold out.
Two more Chicago shows added !
Empty Bottle. January 1st and 2nd.
Get your tickets.
And I'm looking into maybe doing a 4th show all ages somewhere else, stay tuned.


October 15th, 2009


December 31st, 2009
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Empty Bottle
Jens Lekman New Years Celebration

Come celebrate the end of the greatest decade ever.
This is a one stop show, there will not be any more shows outside Chicago.


October 11th, 2009


October 17th 2009
Sydney, NSW
Jens Lekman + Geoffrey O'Connor

This upcoming Saturday me and my friend Geoff O'Connor will play a very exclusive show in a backyard, somewhere in the Inner West of Sydney, NSW. Tomorrow I will send out a newsletter with more details, the first 45 to reply to this will get theirs and a friends name on the list.



October 1st , 2009


My old friend El Perro Del Mar is in town and we are playing an in-store show at Polyester Records (the one in the city) on Monday Oct 5th, 3:30 pm. Be there early.



September 29th , 2009


Hello my children,

I recommend you're signed up to the newsletter if you're living in Australia. Hopefully I have a bunch of backyard shows coming up and these will only be announced through this channel. I might be doing some proper shows later but since I don't have a work visa currently, and I don't want to get either me or the venues in trouble, I will have to keep it a bit underground. I'm sorry for the inconvenience but I'm proud to support the inconvenient sometimes in this absurdly convenient world.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the houseparty in Carnegie two weeks ago, it was hilarious. I loved it. Life is great right now, should you hear me utter a single word of complaint then hang me upside down from a tree. Shake the candy out of my pockets.

Photo by Sasha Wilmoth




September 10th , 2009



Some nights I feel like Yma Sumac.



September 8th , 2009


Photo by Randall Poster

There's a few of my songs in Drew Barrymore's directorial debut "Whip it". Drew was really nice, she flew me out to LA, we had a cup of coffee and she showed me some clips from the movie. Usually I say no to film synchs because you just get a short synopsis from someone's agent's agent, and I always feel awkward my song will end up in the wrong context. You know, I write my songs for specific people, I find it hard to find them applied to someone elses story. But Drew listened to my concerns and we discussed the scenes she had in mind.

At some point our conversation drifted away and I think we were talking about monkeys, and it just struck me right there and then how surreal my life has become. And how absurd it is when anyone expects any kind of real compensation in this business. Compensation for what ? I've been touring on and off like crazy, I've put so much work into recording and writing. And in the end what I make my money from is talking to Drew Barrymore about monkeys...

The soundtrack is compiled by Randall Poster, who put together the soundtracks for the Wes Andersson movies among others. His soundtracks are like amazing little jukeboxes of random goodies. I haven't seen the movie but it seems to be falling smoothly into the category of American movies about teenage love and alternative sports. From Breaking Away to Bring It On.

Here's a trailer.



August 12th, 2009

Just a quick note about the previous entry, please be aware that I live in Melbourne, Australia these days and I can't fly halfway across the world for a slice of cake. As much as I'm in it for the fun of it, I was hoping to for once make some money here to support my tours that I always lose money from. Basically, if you want to book me for a wedding anywhere outside of Oceania this upcoming year you should start sweet talking that rich uncle of yours right now.

Also, I want to set up as many shows as possible in Melbourne and Australia the next couple of months. And I noticed earlier this year that there's a lot of small festivals in peoples gardens and living rooms, I want to do stuff like that. Small shows where I can try out new songs and new arrangments. Give me a shout if you got something !

No topic for this month, I still have a few hundred e-mails from the last months that I need to go through. So if you want to write, choose one of the previous topics.

Here's some Ghana Hiplife for you, just throwing it in there. One of my favourite wedding songs of all time.




August 3rd, 2009

Viktor & Ashleah. Photo by Tammy Karlsson

Last night I played at my companion Viktor Sjöbergs wedding. It was a night I'll never forget. This marks the end of an era as Viktor is the last member of my old band that now will be spending time doing his own stuff. He's settling down for a while. I miss him already and owe him a great thank you for what he did for my music. Viktor & Ashleah, I wish you all the best.

I get a lot of e-mails asking if I want to play at weddings, and I would like to announce that I am currently open to the idea. I think if planned properly and under the right circumstances it could work out nicely. If you are interested you can get in touch with me directly.




August 2nd, 2009

Walking by the Ullevi Stadium in Göteborg where U2 just played two shows I was reminded of an old memory. Exactly 12 years ago, August 2nd 1997, I was hired to deconstruct the stage after U2's Popmart show at the mentioned stadium. I was 16. I'm not sure how I got the job. I'm not sure if the people who hired me realised I was 16 and had no experience or physical stamina whatsoever. I got a blue helmet and a blue shirt. I got to see the show. At one point in the corridor backstage The Edge walked by and I quickly leaned over to my friend and delivered the classic "Don't push me cause I'm close to the Edge" joke. The show ended and an irish voice ordered me up into a giant lemon disco ball with no safety lines or instructions of what to do. I was hanging up there for a while until I started feeling stupid and climbed down again. The sun rose and illuminated my attempts to look busy by just walking around with a determined look on my face. I got yelled at by a guy with a gigantic walkie talkie. Carried some monitors. Picked up my 700 kronors.

Then I walked home through the morning with a new feeling. The strange sensation of how music for the first time in my life had left me completely unaffected.


July 31st , 2009

From "Sommardöden" by Mons Kallentoft. Mom really likes crime novels and she forwarded this the other week. The girl who's listening to my "bombasms" is murdered in this chapter. We don't really get to know her, she's simply a victim.

I was thinking about what kind of cultural reference I have become in a context like this. What does the author want to signal by letting a character listen to my music? When David Levithan mentioned me in one of his books it could be seen as simply providing the story with a soundtrack, or capturing a moment in time. Same thing goes for the piece above I believe. But in the previously mentioned Hey Dolly by Amanda Svensson I become almost like a mirror held up to the main characters. I provide the words for the self pitying, boring ex boyfriend, I become the object of affection for the crazy stalker friend. I seem to symbolize the normal, the stable, maybe even the boring, in an otherwise crumbling world.

Is it better to be the musical choice of the protagonist, rather than the antagonist ? The killer, the investigator, or the victim ? What did Huey Lewis think about Patrick Bateman's love for his music ? Regardless of the authors intentions I am still reading in as much as I can between the lines. Of course Mons Kallentoft has a personal grudge against me ! And the only way to get it out is to create a character and brutally murder her while she's listening to my songs.

I don't make music for victims. I don't state this solely in regards to my intentions, but also to the facts. I have about 500 e-mails to back me up on this months smalltalk topic - knife collections. I have never received so many e-mails, and with so much passion. You guys really like your knives. And I'm not really sure what to do with that information.


July 15th , 2009


I'm sorry but I have to change the topic of the month, it was just way too boring. We weren't getting anywhere with it. The new topic will be - Knife collections


July 5th , 2009

Close friends and relatives. I am sorry to announce that if you did not send me a fruit basket while I was dying last week I can no longer consider you a friend. I am currently going through my phone to erase your numbers.

Topic for the month of July - Yes, that was the best night of my life.

This will be the compulsory main subject of your e-mail. If you write to me it will have to be about this. If you wanna talk about something else you will have to make associations, find reference points.

Photo by Camila Leme



June 27th , 2009

I picked home one last souvenir from South America, it's called the H1N1 virus. Wrongfully known as the Swineflue.

I was crossing the Atlantic when things started getting really bad, the fever was hallucinogenic and shaking me like a leaf and I grabbed the sleeve of the Air France steward. "I'm not feeling well, I should see a doctor" I said and the reply came as a brilliant mix of death anxiety and french rudeness: "Uh, yes... Terminal D... go there maybe... when we land". After that the stewards and stewardesses took long detours. A ring of empty seats formed around me. Peoples eyes were kind but determined, they read "Poor you, I really wish you all the best but if you come near me or my kid I will have to stab you with this plastic fork". I got up and went to the bathroom where I fainted.

Now I'm in quarantine for ten days. I can see the summer through my window and it's just perfect. Summer is always best through a window.


June 20th , 2009

The Santiago show was so good. Only flaw was Javiera Mena's car accident the day of the show. I really wanted to see her play...




June 19th , 2009

Buenos Aires. The best shows are always when you're faced with an obstacle, in this case a seated crowd in a big venue. When the crowd finally defied the law of the chairs the show became the best show of the year.

After the show part of Viktor's equipment got stolen, and I wanted to leave a word of advice for the thief regarding how to use the Trigger Finger media controller:

1. Connect to USB port
2. Warm up your fingers
3. Assume this position:



June 16th , 2009


June 13th , 2009


June 9th , 2009


June 7th , 2009



June 4th , 2009


Topic for the month of June: 50 words

Write about what you want, but in no more or less than 50 words. Sorry I haven't been able to respond to all your e-mails from last month, tour preparations stole my time. And now I'm sitting in a van all day so I probably won't be able to answer all e-mails this month either. But I read everything I get. Promise.

In other news, the keys sold out in San Luis Obispo. I will make more but the Italian manufacturer says it will take 3-12 months to make new ones. That's how rare they are.



May 31st , 2009

Simone Rubi



May 26th , 2009


As a natural response to Tiffany's recent collection of jewelry keys I am now offering this beauty for sale at the upcoming shows.

It's made of brass, has my name engraved on it, and comes with a nice black cotton cord and a tag with some words. As much as it's symbolic meaning has been a secret in the past, I would currently like to think of it as the opposite of the "abstinence ring". Not in a sexual way, but in life, a promise to yourself that you will not wait. No more waiting, you're saying to yourself while adjusting the cord, tonight will be the night. You run your fingers through your hair, button up your shirt. One last look in the mirror. On your way across the street you step on a tulip, it occurs to you that it's the freshest sound you've ever heard.




May 23rd , 2009


Photo by Heather Christianson

The best thing to do at SXSW last year was to sneak into one of the theatres off 6th Street, sit in the back, order a drink and just watch comedy. I don't understand why anyone would want to see all those bands, to be honest after a few hours of all that noise going on I never wanted to see another band again. Which is kind of the same reason why I once brought along comedian Todd Barry for a tour of Sweden, so I wouldnt have to deal with all the shitty opening bands. Todd also introduced me to Tig Notaro that night in Austin. Her performance was my definite highlight of the whole festival and that's why I asked her if she wanted to join my tour up the west coast.

While on vacation in Italy, she managed to find a few minutes to answer some questions I sent her.

Some Tig Links:

JENS: First of all, your name - Tig - how did you get it?

TIG: My brother named me. I'm not sure why he chose "Tig." I've been trying to switch to "Carl" but apparently, it's hard for people to embrace that name when you're a woman pushing 40. We'll see. I'm still hoping it will catch on like wildfire.

JENS: We will be travelling up the west coast, which is your coast. Tell me about it. Why is the West coast the Best coast ? Where do we stop for snacks ?

TIG: I usually like to stop by this little mom and pop in my neighborhood called 7-11 when i want some snacks. Mind if we swing by there after you guys pick me up? I love the entire west coast, but I have to say, the Oregon coast is my favorite portion of it. Hopefully they have 7-11's up there.

JENS: You've been on TV a lot lately, the Sarah Silverman Program, In The Motherhood etc... but seriously, you're funnier than all those people. I mean Sarah and Cheryl Hines are great but when will you get your own show and what is it gonna be about ?

TIG: Well Jens, you are a very kind man. I've actually been in a never-ending holding pattern with this pilot for a tv show where I do stand-up in people's living rooms, garages, backyards, basements, rooftops, barns etc. This guy Wayne McClammy (who directed Sarah Silverman's "fucking Matt Damen" video) is attached as the director, but with both of our schedules and slight changes to the concept, it hasn't been the quickest project. We are actually right in the middle of writing the outline and meeting with comedians, in hopes of shooting it sooner than later. There are also a couple of sitcom pilots being written right now with characters for me, but i'm not sure if its cool to brag about at this point. People I'm REALLY excited to work with, if that matters at all. Sure, i wouldn't be the star of either sitcom, but the actors that ARE the stars would be DREAMS to work with if you were a comedian. Which i am a comedian, by the way. In the meantime, you can catch me online as "Rhoda" on the now defunct sitcom "In The Motherhood" and in 2010 in the new season of the Sarah Silverman program as "Officer Tig."

JENS: I guess the closest we get is your upcoming DVD "Have Tig At Your Party" which is like an advanced version of the fireplace video, with you talking casually into the camera. So is this your party persona ? You just stand in a corner and try to blend in ? We seem to have so much in common you and me.

TIG: If I'm at a party (and to me, a party means more than 2), I go immediately to the snack table and eat all the snacks. Actually, I do that alone too come to think of it. I'm surprised I haven't bumped into you there yet, considering you like snacks and corners too. I hate small talk. Especially in loud atmospheres. I love small groups or one on one. You and I should have a nice quiet one on one party in a corner, eating snacks while we each hold a single balloon and stare at each other.

JENS: What's your take on the art of seduction ?

TIG: Gosh, lately I've just been telling everyone that I'm touring with you. Now guess who's getting groped all the time. Not sure what I'll do after this tour with you. I guess just brag about the glory days of '09. Actually, before you came into my life, I just tried to smile as little as possible and avoid eye contact and that seemed to work like a charm. Oh, and apparently people seem to like it if you can make them laugh too for some reason.

JENS: After Todd Barry joined me for my Swedish tour 2007, he was instantly catapulted into fame and was last seen as Mickey Rourkes boss in Oscar nominated "The Wrestler". To which new heights do you think your career will reach after the two weeks on tour with me ?

TIG: Jens, i think two things are possible. If not both.
A) I'll end up in "The Wrestler II"
B) Latin Grammy

JENS: Why is your name mentioned in the definition of the word "Ass Laundry" ?

TIG: I have no idea. More importantly, why ISN'T yours?!


May 19th, 2009



The Arctic Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean
with Viktor Sjöberg, performing as a duo

July 18 - Porto, Portugal - Maus Hábitos
July 17 - Coimbra, Portugal - Salăo Brazil
July 10 - Trćna, The Arctic Ocean - Trćna Festival



May 17th , Two Thousand and Fine


The Summer Never Ends

Photo by Erica Kahr

(excerpt from) The Summer Never Ends /// I Really Think That We Can Make It Girl /// Nicolette Larsson - Lotta Love /// The Embassy - State 08 /// (excerpt from) New Directions /// Coke Escovedo - I Wouldn't Change A Thing /// Filippo Trecca - La Morte Dell'erminia /// His name is Mikael Carlsson, her name is Alicia Keys /// Lamont Dozier - Blue Sky and Silver Bird /// Cat Stevens - If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out /// Jeff Perry - Love Don't Come No Stronger /// Good News - Australia /// Baby's Gang - America /// American Breed - Always You




May 1st , 2009


Topic for the month of May: Breaking away

This will be the compulsory main subject of your e-mail. If you write to me it will have to be about this. If you wanna talk about something else you will have to make associations, find reference points.




April 25th, 2009



South America
with Viktor Sjöberg, performing as a duo

June 20 - Santiago, Chilé - TBA
June 19 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - TBA
June 17 - Curitiba, Brazil - Era Só O Que Faltava
June 16 - Recife, Brazil - UK Pub
June 14 - Porto Alegre, Brazil - Santander Cultural
June 13 - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Studio SP


April 17th, 2009





April 2nd, 2009


Topic for the month of April: The Cold War

This will be the compulsory main subject of your e-mail. If you write to me it will have to be about this. If you wanna talk about something else you will have to make associations, find reference points.

Last months topic was a great success, it made our communication rise to a whole new level.



March 27th, 2009



The North American Pacific Coastline
with comedian Tig Notaro

June 7 - Vancouver, BC - TBA
June 6 - Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom
June 5 - Seattle, WA - Crocodile Café
June 4 - Seattle, WA - Crocodile Café
June 3 - Eugene, OR - WOW Hall
June 2 - San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill
June 1 - San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill
May 30 - San Luis Obispo, CA - SLO Art Center
May 29 - Santa Barbara, CA - Velvet Jones
May 28 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo
May 27 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo
May 26 - San Diego, CA - The Loft, UCSD the Viktor Sjöberg Series

Additional shows in Vancouver and possibly Alaska to be confirmed soon.



March 26th, 2009



The Syntax Of Sports
By Lauren Miller

1. There is at least two or more players. Never only one.
2. There are rules that are upheld by tradition and sometimes a very calm man/woman who is supposed to act as an impartial voice of reason.
3. Regardless of the weather or the events of the day, the game must go on.
4. You are expected to be tested mentally and physically.
5. You will dream about it.
6. You will come to know the many faces of pain and joy.
7. You will eventually begin to learn and develop your own language in relation to the game.
8. You will feel, if you have done all of these things, that a part of you has been taken by the sport, and you will regard that part of yourself with a fierce veneration and deep respect found only by poets and their words. Except you will love and respect and test and hate your body too.
9. Eventually someone will tell you that your sacrifice is not worth the game. And you will doubt them and yourself. And like everyday you will face a decision: to forgive the offense; to consider the offense; to give up however reluctantly- the friendship or the game. Truly the paths for feelings followed by action are endless and multiply.
10. You will understand justice and virtue because you will consider good, evil, and the possibility that there is sometimes neither and they are nameless.
11. You will have to allow for the game and your understanding to change.
12. You must allow for the possibility that we are all just men with a goal



March 20th, 2009



I have decided to establish a few more groundrules in our communication. The first is a topic of the month. This topic will be the compulsory main subject of your e-mail. If you write to me it will have to be about this. If you wanna talk about something else you will have to make associations, find reference points.

This is mainly because I see our communication as an exchange, not a service. I have come to a point now where I feel like I couldn't live without your words. But I also spend a lot of time everyday answering the same questions over and over. For these questions such as "when do you play in my town next?" I have created a newsletter. You sign up on the contact page.

The topic from now until the end of March will be 'Sports'. That should be broad enough to start with, right ?

Also as soon as I get some cash I'm getting a PO box here so you can send me letters if you'd like that. I've taken down the Secretly Canadian address for now since it was taking so long for me inbetween visits to the headquarters. I was becoming a bit concerned because some of you apparently like sending food-like items, maybe it was cookies or bread or something, I don't know, it's hard to tell when you pick it up 6 months later, ha ha.

Speaking of which, Australia has some of the strictest quarantine laws in the world. So basically don't send anything except paper and ink. Make sure the ink is not animal blood.




February 24th, 2009


There will be a benefit show for the bushfires this upcoming sunday, March 1st, at East Brunswick Club. A couple of bands are playing and I will be playing records. Go here for more information. Please come out and show your support.

In related news, my dear housemate has let me rip her parents old dusty records, so expect a nice mix of Alexandrian cosmopolitan polyglotic hits .Je t'aime, je t'adore, comme la salsa di pomodore.

/ Jens






February 14th, 2009


Weak in the flesh.

from "Hey Dolly" by Amanda Svensson




February 10th, 2009

For future reference, Smalltalk is not a blog or a diary. It is highly suphisticated conversational trivia. An attempt to establish a set of groundrules for our communication. A collection of pickup lines I wouldn't recommend.

Which is why I don't usually talk about the weather here. But hell came to visit the state of Victoria the last couple of days, on Saturday the thermometer had reached the 50 Celsius mark, and then it ran out of numbers. Dead possums were lying on the streets, under the withering trees. The wind was a monster sucking my breath out and the dryness from the last weeks heat turned every little straw and leaf into a potential fuse.

The AC broke down and I was lying on the floor when my housemate turned on the TV and the news of the bushfires came on. The magnitude of the tragedy is of course nothing I need to repeat here, you can read about it in every newspaper. My thoughts go out to all the people who have lost their families and homes.

I've been to these smalltowns, I've driven through them on my way somewhere or nowhere. I've stopped to try the local breweries and to swim in a small lake, check the garage sales and op-shops, finish the day with a vanilla slice. I recognise the names on TV but there's nothing to recognise of the places themselves, they're completely gone. Melbourne offers this kind of surrealism, a false comfort as if it's denying the ground it is built upon. Just like all the major Australian cities are merely tiny dots along the coastlines of a vast land that is both brutal and breathtaking.




February 6th, 2009


Here in Melbourne it is as if time's been standing still, like last year never happened. The bats greet me on their way into town as I'm heading out of town. A little fella dangling from a tree, sucking the juice out of a ripe cherry, didn't anyone tell you what your fangs were for buddy ?

I stopped writing last year because of personal reasons. I wasn't doing well and I made a very determined choice to stop all writing and creating. Today's my birthday and I felt it would be a good day to get back to the creating in celebration of my very own creation.

Remember I used to wear a golden key around my neck ? I always told people it was a secret why I wore it. I still wear that key, I take it off when I lie in my bed and I twirl it around my finger. I open bottles with it and I tell drunk bogans on the tram that I am a mayor of a very small golden town. I dip it in chocolate and watch the dry Australian heat deepfry its ambiguous symbolism into a delicacy. I suck on it until I can taste the metal.

I want to mention anger quickly. Anger is a terrific force and friend, on stage and in real life. We met in Asia again and there were a few beautiful moments when I was able to steer it in the right direction. Those moments when I could feel all the frustration from last year streaming through my body. I was hitting that tambourine so hard I didnt even notice what I was doing to my hand. Such black gorgeous bruises, such a tenderness, such a reminder of what had passed through me.

But on the way back to Sweden it was a wet towel covering my face. I was crying helplessly into that grey Lufthansa pillow when Viktor had fallen asleep. The night outside was clear and the Uzbek mountains majestic in the moonlight. I jumped over Viktor's seat and into the aisle, walked or stumbled down to the bathrooms and sat in there sobbing silently.

Something Rosemarie Trockel once wrote has been on my mind all day. "There is no unhappier being under the sun, than the fetishist who longs for a woman's shoe, and has to make do with the whole woman". 

Happy birthday to me,




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